Vertigo films is a creative collaboration between Bart De Keyzer, from 3rd Floor and Joseph Briaire. We combine graphic design, illustration, image manipulation, animation and photography and flex our creative muscle. The result of all of this can be seen in our experimental video project, Vertigo.


In this project we combined studio shots with 3D elements and a range of matte painting techniques to create a series of Hitchcock inspired shots. The results of this endeavor can be seen below. Thanks to this technique just about any scene can be created for a variety of media in both on- and off-line applications. Feel free to contact us via the form below for any additional information.

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We made a product video for the new cosmetics brand Ratu's 24-13.
The recepies for their luxury creams originate from Bali wich evidently determened the theme of the video. This animation wich is a constructed out  of photographs together with filmed and animated elements is being used on the company's website and on large diplays during tradeshows.


Client: Ratu's 24-13 Cosmetics



Here's how we applied the techniques used in the Vertigo and Parrano project to our latest series. Principle photography (both studio and on location photography) was planned meticulously ensuring we could deliver the intended shots. On top of that 3D and animated elements where added to complete the look.


Client: Fama Volat



Here's how we applied the techniques used in the Vertigo project to a commercial assignment. Through the use of extensive 3D modeling, rendering and compositing in combination with studio photography we managed to create a striking image based on the clients brief.


As apposed to traveling to the actual location or building a physical set this technique is both flexible and cost effective.


Although initially intended to be a still image for use in print we also offered an animated version as well.


Client: Uniekaas

Concept: Fama Volat

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